Asphalt Contractor Stockton

stockton asphalt caYou might think that hiring an asphalt contractor in Stockton to fix or upgrade your parking lot is unnecessary. On the contrary, employing a trusted road paving company comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some reasons why you should hire an asphalt contractor in Stockton:

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Save You Money

Although it can be expensive at first, hiring an asphalt contractor in Stockton can save you a lot of money in the long run. A well-paved parking lot is a great business investment, especially when a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton carries out the paving work.

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Save You Time

When you hire a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton, you are letting experts take care of all the pavement work, which can help you focus more on your customers and other aspects of your business. Aside from that, an asphalt contractor in Stockton will be able to finish the project as quickly as possible.

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Deliver High-Quality Results

Another advantage of hiring a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton is that they can deliver superior results. An asphalt contractor in Stockton also has access to heavy machinery and equipment, so you can expect that they will leave your parking lot smooth and durable.

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Help Reduce Liability

When your parking lot is poorly maintained, you are putting not only your customers but also your business, at risk. That’s why it’s always a smart decision to have your parking lot checked by an asphalt contractor in Stockton.

A professional asphalt contractor in Stockton can’t only fix uneven pavement; they can also fill in cracks and clear away other debris that may damage your customers’ wheels. If you hire a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton, you can prevent lawsuits that will stain your business’ reputation.

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Enhance the Appearance of Your Parking Space

An asphalt contractor in Stockton can apply sealcoat to your parking lot to protect it from damage caused by constant exposure to the sun and oil spills from cars. Sealcoating will also leave your pavement with a deep black finish, which can make it look as good as new. If you want to improve and maintain the appearance of your parking lot, contact an asphalt contractor in Stockton.

Hiring a Professional Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Will Make Your Parking Lot Accessible to Everyone

As a business owner, it is your job to ensure that your parking lot has a designated area where people with disabilities can park their vehicles and maneuver their mobility aid, such as a wheelchair, with ease. Failure to provide an accessible parking lot may lead to lawsuits.

That is why it is crucial to hire a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton. An asphalt contractor in Stockton won’t only make your pavement even, smooth, and durable; they can also help your parking lot comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. 

Hiring an Asphalt Contractor in Stockton Can Increase the Longevity of Your Parking Space

A parking lot that is paved by a reliable asphalt contractor in Stockton can last for a very long time, especially when it is maintained properly. If you want to increase the durability of your parking lot, hire a professional asphalt contractor in Stockton.

Work With a Trusted and Reliable Asphalt Contractor in Stockton

Over the years, Folsom Lake Asphalt has been able to pave more than 50,000 miles of road. Our company offers services such as asphalt installation, reinforced overlays, sealcoating striping, skin patching, and more. So, when you’re looking for an asphalt contractor in Stockton, contact Folsom Lake Asphalt.

If you want to learn more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can also give us a call for a free estimate.

Your Trusted Paving Contractor

With over 50,000 miles of road paved, Folsom Lake Asphalt has made a permanent and positive mark throughout the California Central Valley. We’re proud to have earned a reputation as one of the most conscientious and capable paving contractors from Fresno to Lake Tahoe. You can rely on us when you need a contractor to pave your parking spaces or driveways.

Tips on How You Can Maintain Your Parking Lots and Driveways

After we install your asphalt pavement for your parking space or driveway, we also ensure that you know how to maintain it so that it can last for a long time. This is why we’ve prepared these tips for you: 

  • Regularly clean your parking lot and remove any debris such as dirt, leaves, or rocks.
  • Remove any oil stains as they not only affect the appearance of your parking lot, but they can also weaken the surface.
  • Inspect your parking space for cracks or holes as they need to be dealt with immediately to increase the surface’s longevity.
  • Contact us for sealcoating after every few years so we can ensure that water and debris can’t enter your pavement and do any damage.
  • If you have a concrete driveway, get in touch with us for an asphalt topcoat so we can repair any cracks.
  • In case you already have an asphalt driveway, call us so we can ensure that its surface layer is maintained at all times.
  • If you have a new concrete or asphalt driveway, contact us so we can make sure that it meets current regulations.

List of Services We Offer

For years, we have paved highways, roads, driveways, parking spaces, and many more. However, aside from paving, Folsom Lake Asphalt also provides other services. Here’s a list of some that we offer: 

  • Asphalt Pavement Installation

Unlike concrete paving that uses cement, water, crushed rock, and sand, asphalt paving is done with stone, sand, additives, and liquid asphalt. If the asphalt pavement is laid out properly, it can last for more than 20 years. This is one of the reasons why some state and federal governments prefer asphalt over concrete pavements. 

When you need asphalt pavement installers, contact Folsom Lake Asphalt. Our workers can do a great job of paving your parking lot or driveway. 

  • Overlays or Reinforced Overlays

Asphalt overlay is a paving method for renewing a deteriorating surface. Instead of tearing up the asphalt entirely, contractors will apply a new layer to the old one. This process is the least expensive solution to renewing your asphalt surface.

We also offer reinforcement solutions. If the asphalt pavement has cracks, reinforced overlays are one of the best ways to address this problem.

  • Seal Coating and Stripping

If you want to protect the asphalt pavement from water, oil, and U.V. damage, seal coating may be required every two to three years. This way, you can extend the life of your pavement. Seal coating also provides a slip-resistant surface and enhances the parking space or driveway with its deep black finish.

Folsom Lake Asphalt also provides asphalt striping services. Our high-quality marking and painting for your pavement not only ensures safety, it also enhances aesthetics.

  • Skin Patching

This method is done by covering the isolated and damaged area of the pavement with new asphalt material. It is a great solution for surfaces with slurry seal and micro-surfacing. 

The workers at Folsom Lake Houses have been providing skin patching service for many years. Trust that we can do a good job of repairing any damaged area on your pavement. 

Get in Touch With Folsom Lake Asphalt

For all your asphalt pavement needs, don’t hesitate to contact Folsom Lake Asphalt. We’ve been helping residents and businesses in Sacramento for more than 35 years. We can install and maintain your driveway or parking space like no other company.

At Folsom Lake Asphalt, we offer our services at reasonable prices. We provide free estimates so you can contact us anytime to get a free quote. Folsom Lake Asphalt will be more than happy to hear from you.