ADA Compliance

Compliance with ADA regulations

Failure to comply with ADA regulations regarding parking lots tends to be costly for a business. Disabled individuals retain the right to sue companies that fail to comply, and the business also could be levied with finds by federal and state regulatory agencies. For this reason, every business needs to ensure their business is in accordance with these regulations at all times.

Over time, the regulations have become more stringent, and it is essential that your business keeps up to date. Sadly, there are unscrupulous individuals and businesses who will take advantage of a business even when they have come close to fulfilling the regulations. They sue the business and frequently generate very large negligence awards in court. As a result, businesses need to ensure they are following every regulation exactly, such as when it comes to the height of their handicapped parking signs. How can you make sure you are not sued or fined?



First and foremost, businesses need to regularly review any documents relating to ADA parking-lot compliance. Laws do change with time; thus a business cannot assume they are meeting all requirements. State laws discussing the accessibility of parking spaces for individuals who are disabled need to be examined routinely, as these laws do vary by state, and they tend to be incredibly specific.

Once all state regulations have been met, the business then needs to turn to federal requirements to make certain they are complying. Federal law dictates everything from the marking of handicapped accessible spots, the size of these parking spaces and the number. This is determined by the size of the parking lot and the number of handicapped spaces provided. Parking structures aren’t exempt either. When the structure has multiple floors with handicapped accessible parking on several levels, additional requirements must be met.

Folsom Lake Asphalt helping with ADA Compliance in Sacramento and all Northern California Communities

First established by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the regulations work to ensure every individual has equal and fair access to public areas, including their place of employment. Numerous organizations enforce ADA compliance, including the Department of Transportation, the Department of Justice and the Equal Opportunity Commission. Title III of the act outlines parking lot accessibility regulations, and these regulations are designed to help the 53 million Americans who currently have a disability.

Businesses tend to spend more than $10,000 to settle lawsuits regarding parking lot accessibility, with approximately 40 percent of these lawsuits being filed in California. A company may assume having handicap accessible parking spaces is enough, for example, yet some reserved spaces must be designed for large vans. The size of these spaces is likewise dictated by law for both cars and vans. The signs must also be placed at a certain height and have extra signage if they are accessible for vans.

As there are numerous regulations regarding ADA compliance about parking lots and spaces, businesses need to consult with a parking lot provider to ensure they are in accordance with these regulations. Folsom Lake Asphalt can be of tremendoushelp in this situation, as we work with companies to ensure they are complying on a regular basis. The money spent is very small when compared with the cost of settling a lawsuit.


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