Maintaining Your Driveway

People often don’t stop to think of their driveway as anywhere other than a place to park their car. However, families use this surface for a variety of purposes. Kids play there, families use it when completing various types of projects and more. Nevertheless, driveways need regular care to remain in great shape. If they are neglected, they may heave, spall or develop a crack. Thankfully, renewing the surface isn’t difficult in many cases, though there are times when the entire surface needs to be replaced. A reputable driveway repair firm becomes of help in determining which solution is best for the surface.

While the vast majority of driveways in America are made of either concrete or asphalt, homeowners find they have options when the surface needs to be replaced. Options open to them include gravel, interlocking concrete pavers, crushed stone, brick and cobblestone. Prices vary based on the material selected and range from $1 per square foot when a stone driveway is selected and $13 or higher when cobblestone is the desired material.

Homeowners must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each material option before deciding which is best for their property. The driveway repair contractor provides this information and makes recommendations to ease the process. However, homeowners should always strive to maintain their driveway, so replacement doesn’t become an issue. In the event it does need to be replaced, following are some options open to homeowners.

Building and Maintaining Driveways in Sacramento and all Northern California Communities


Using an asphalt topcoat to repair a concrete driveway is an option many homeowners overlook, yet allows for great cost savings. In fact, this option costs approximately a third of what it would cost to completely redo the surface with asphalt. In the event the driveway has subsided or heaved significantly or is crumbling, it’s time for a replacement. The same holds true when the driveway is allowing water into the subsoil surrounding the home. To avoid the need for replacement, repair cracks immediately to stop issues before they occur.


To resurface an existing asphalt driveway, contractors make use of a base and finish coat, applying them over the existing surface. Cracks must be treated before this step takes place, and grading may need to be undertaken in the event the driveway doesn’t drain properly. The goal, however, is to ensure a 1-1/2-inch surface layer is maintained at all times. If more extensive repairs are needed, a new driveway is likely called for.

New Driveways

A gravel layer must first be laid and fabric or drain tile may be required under the gravel when installing a brand-new concrete or asphalt driveway. In addition, rebar or wire mesh may be required to reinforce the concrete. Two layers of asphalt are then laid over the gravel to comply with current regulations. For concrete driveways, a slab is laid, and this also must meet current regulations.

Contact Folsom Lake Asphalt to learn more about driveway repair and replacement. The premier asphalt contractor in Northern California, this company works with clients every day to determine if their existing driveway needs to be repaired, resurfaced or replaced. The goal is to find the best solution for the client, one that resolves any issues they have with their current parking surface as well as one that fits their budget. This company can be of help.